Monday Morning Musings with McKenzie


McKenzie stretched out on my bed this morning, and pulled up a piece of her Barbie storage container.  I quickly caught on that she was reading the Bible on her iPad.  What followed was the most curious account of the commandments….

  • In the name of Jesus, to the evening of London, you must obey your parents.
  • Don’t be greedy; you get what you get, even if you don’t have pink sparkly toes.
  • To the Lord, don’t let Satan blow it out.
  • Jesus will be there if you are scared and there are monsters
  • Don’t lie, or a fib will snatch you up, but if you tell the truth it gets smaller and smaller.  (She definitely hijacked this from Veggie Tales)
  • Don’t sneak stuff, like glass things.
  • Lift up your prayers to the Lord
  • If the sky is blue or black, you have to be careful
  • Don’t go to the wading pool without your mom and dad
  • Don’t touch the glass things


I love that she started the first one with, “In the name of Jesus…” It is what initially grabbed my attention.  Though I don’t understand it all (such as “to the evening in London”), I am glad she has grasped some of the basics.  She has a pretty good foundation.  She knows that Jesus is there for her, whether she is in need, afraid, or confronted with monsters.  And she knows that she can’t let her light be dimmed by Satan.

So keep on shinning McKenzie!  You don’t need pink sparkly toes to shine; you are doing just fine right now.



  1. The Betty Project says:

    LOL that is so adorable. Sometimes it really makes you think to see things through “kid logic” I am always learning new ways to see things through looking at them through my daughter’s eyes 🙂

  2. awe my baby. good job babygirl. i miss you 🙂 and keep on doin ur thang 🙂

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