$50,000 per Tweet!

Social media banned…tweets, status updates, and all blog posts are punishable up to a year in prison with a $50,000 fine.  Can you picture it?  Does it scare you, or not even phase you? 

This was today’s writing prompt:  Social media is outlawed in your town

My first thought was, how did they get the word out…a tweet, perhaps. 

Would you be a renegade, hunkering under blankets in the closet of your house, Tweeting: “I’m scared they are going to catch me” from untraceable, disposable phones just to get your fix?  Would you defiantly update your blog, protesting about the injustice of the law?  Or would you sign up for the task force that is determined to eradicate social media from existence?

Just thought I’d put that crazy thought out there in social media land.  Leave your thoughts below…if you dare.



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