Zumba for the Imagination

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Lately, I’ve felt like my blog and my writing was getting a little blah.  I’d sit down to write and my imagination would strain to lift a basic idea off the screen.  My fingers and wrists would be sore after a 15 minute free-write session.  Hans and Franz would say my imagination was flabby and weak!  So I downloaded this new app, Writing Prompts from Writing.Com.  It is not your average, throw some random words together generator writing prompt.  It is Zumba for you flabby imagination.

It gets you shaking and twisting right from the start!  You begin by shaking or swiping for a new prompt.   You can start out with your basic stretches, the standard  five random word prompt, but they put a little twist – you can move them around to make different connections between the words.  Next, start gyrating those wrists, as you choose a detailed kick-starter text, such as “An office worker finds out that the president of the company took kickbacks and committed other crimes.”  Now that you are really getting into it, and your hands are all warmed up, you can choose a scene prompt, which gives you a place, character, object, and either weather, or time/date.  Finally, stretch those fingers out and let them dance across the keyboard as you choose a sketch style prompt, pictured here.  It provides a genre, style of writing, and three sketches to launch your imagination. 

So, as the Zumba fitness experts say, ditch your old, boring, mental workout, and come join the Zumba imagination party!


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