Inspiration Station

Photo by Stephan Fleet, stock.xchng

During our move my desk (among many other things) was broken.  The movers disassembled everything they could, one of those things being my desk.  It wasn’t a fancy desk, just one of those particle board DIY assembly desks that you’d find at Wal-Mart.  So you can imagine that taking it apart might not bode well for the desk – and it didn’t. It was delivered in pieces with the screws wrapped in plastic and tape.

It looked hopeless.

Despite my husband’s arched eyebrows, I was determined to assemble it, even if just part of it.  I could have just bought another desk (as my husband pointed out).  Maybe it was because we had lost so many things during the move that I was determined not to spend another dime replacing something, or maybe it was just because I am hard-headed and stubborn.  With a little bit of determination, and a whole lot of Gorilla Glue, I was able to reconstruct the bottom part (but the hutch was beyond help).

I’ve placed the desk so that I can write while watching my children play in the backyard.  Their boundless energy, expansive imagination, and infectious laughter are inspiration enough.  But now my desk has become an inspiration.  In my computer I have files, abandoned story lines never completed because I faced a wall and moved onto another.  I have a completed manuscript that has become so broken and mangled from excessive editing that I can barely recognize it.  But maybe with a little determination (and a whole lot of Gorilla Glue), I can reconstruct it.


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