Who is your Favorite Author?

I could answer this simple, often asked question with many amazing writers.  But my answer is God.  I’m not just talking about the Bible.  Though this book alone could be cause for God to be #1 on my top ten authors list.  The Bible is studied in many colleges as literature for a great reason.  The wealth of literary elements woven within the pages of the Bible is enough to make a person cry out in amazement.  But when you add the spiritual element, for me at least, is awe-inspiring.

However, this is not the only reason He is my favorite author.  He told Jeremiah that He knew Jeremiah before he was formed in the womb.  Just as I know my characters before they are even placed on the page, they have a purpose and were created (with all of their quirks, strengths and weaknesses) for this purpose.  They are placed in environments and circumstances that will help guide them to and through their purpose.

I juggle a handful of characters who have bio sheets a mile long.  But God expertly handles how many of us zany characters…and over how long a period of time?  I often have to rewrite scenes because of my mishandling, yet God has perfectly laid out time from beginning to end…no editing needed.

And yet we question Him.  I can picture any of my characters looking up at me when I am writing and asking, “You want me to do what?”  They have cause to be concerned.  I am no expert; I’m not even published.   But God has a proven track record of creating characters, scenes and lives that work.  He is always number one on the Heavenly Times Bestseller List.

So next time life seems to have hit you upside the head, and you are wondering which way to go, remember who is spinning this yarn.


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