These are the Threads of Our Lives

Photo By Teodora Vlaicu/Stock.Xchng

Every experience God gives us, every person He puts in our lives, is the perfect preparation for the future that only He can see.”
— Corrie ten Boom

 A Facebook friend posted this quote, and it struck close to my heart this morning as I am struggling to free myself from a tangle of questions that have been tripping me up lately.  I often say the same thing, just not as eloquently.  Our lives viewed from our perspective are like viewing the back of a cross-stitched cloth.  You can kind of see the design, but there are a bunch of knots, loose strings, and crossed threads distorting it.  Let’s be honest…it’s a mess.

But God’s perspective is from the front of the cross-stitch.  All those knots are just securing the threads as He weaves a beautiful picture of our lives.  He carefully chooses each colored thread, each carefully placed stitch.  Where we see a mess, He sees perfection.

We often get caught up in the circumstances of our life; we get frustrated at the who’s, the what’s and the why’s.  We forget that there is a hand so perfect sewing each thread that makes up our life.

So when you are staring up at the knots in your life and gritting your teeth, remember that God is not haphazardly throwing things your way.  No matter how confusing, frustrating, or baffling it might be to you, trust in the sewer.



  1. We often take ourselves far more seriously than we were ever designed to. It’s easy to get caught up in what should be happening now, what seems like it’s ages away. If we’re not careful, we can miss out on people, events, and circumstances that are life-changing and good – not to mention that they may be shaping the very things we’re desiring for our future.

  2. very nice thought for the day. trust the sewer. thanks for that!

  3. Words of wisdom that I much appreciate as I am experiencing some upheaval in my life right now and love the analogy that God is not just throwing things my way but has it all patterned out like a beautiful cross-stitch.

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