The Unmistakable Truth

I can remember when I was no more than four, carrying a pickle jar into our new house on Armen Avenue in Dayton Ohio.  I can picture it clearly in my mind, just as clear as the store we used to go to that had a large fish tank and an escalator. 

But the location/exact wording of my favorite scriptures elude me time and again, such as “As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.”  Now I know it is in Joshua, but I can never remember the chapter or verse.  There is also a Psalm that reminds us that when we falter, we might stumble, but we will not fall.  God will support us.  When I’m looking for it (like today) I can never find it.

So what is more important, knowing the exact wording, or knowing the truth behind it?

I think it is important for us to do both.  Most important is the truth; these truths must be stored in our heart.  Just as our heart pumps blood to all our extremities, when we store God’s truths in our heart, it will be pumped out throughout our body.  His truth will be carried to our hands and arms, and enables us to reach out in love.  His truth will be pumped down to our feet, and we can not only walk according to his truth, but where He would have us go. 

But knowing the location of the scripture is important too.  Not for our edification, not so we can appear to be super spiritual, but so we can crack open our Bible and point out to our friends, neighbors, and the hurting and lost souls around us His truth. 

One without the other isn’t as effective, because they support each other.  When we show someone where it says in Psalm 40 that God can lift us out of a pit and place a new song in our heart, they should immediately connect it to that same truth evident in our lives.

Award winning author Carrie Cooper posted a challenge on her blogThe M2 challenge was for us to not only memorize verses, but meditate on them.  I encourage you to click here, read her post and join me in this challenge.



  1. Michelle, good post. I was a pastor for 10 years, and I came to learn that memorizing scripture can get taken out of context. Obviously, there are passages of begats that could prove pretty useless if memorized. But then there are powerful books that I would recommend everyone memorize (Proverbs – but if someone’s not that ambitious yet, go for something smaller like Colossians). Memorizing these can bring comfort to your mind when you are faced with challenges or tragedy.

    And, as you said, it’s so we can help others. This is central to our story, isn’t it? Thanks for the thinker!

  2. Very thought provoking. I still just wonder if we grew up together – I remember none of those things.

  3. Joshua 24:15- “as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord”

    tks for the reminder! this may be our hs memory verse this next week!

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