High-Tech Corkboard Love

I am head-over-heels in love!  I’ve got butterflies in my stomach, and I can think of nothing else but this new fascination of mine.  Scrivener, from Literature and Latte, is a software program designed to make a writer’s work more blissful.  I’ve seen these programs advertised before with little interest.  Word processing is word processing, and I love Microsoft Word. 

However, part of my NaNoWriMo winner goodies is a discount on Scrivener.  I went to check it out and download a trial. 

As the installer began extracting the program, I scanned the website’s overview of different functions.  That is when my breath started to quicken.  A screen shot of a corkboard with notecards posted on it was all it took. 

See, I organize and plan my books in the beginning on notecards.  A different color for characters, scenes, plots, etc.  This program had all that and more.  No more writing longhand the insane rumblings in my mind.  These crazed thoughts often pour from me faster than my hand can scratch them out.  And since I have the handwriting of a serial killer, it is often hard to read them afterward. 

Now my fingers can fly across the keyboard as fast as my thoughts.  I can sketch out characters, scenes, conflicts and plots, and rearrange them with a few clicks.  I can easily navigate through chapters with my notes neatly displayed in the frame on the right – no more scrolling down for ages to find chapter nine, or switching between documents to check on the outline.

Will it make me a better writer?  No, don’t download the program with that thought in your mind.  But it will help you become more organized, more thoughtful of your writing, and simplify the writing experience.  So check it out; they have a Mac and Windows version.  And you too can say goodbye to your old corkboard, and hello to the new high-tech corkboard of your dreams.



  1. So what’s the cost of this and what is a NaNoWriMo winner?

    • Michelle Brown says:

      Right now, you can download the beta version. Originally, the program was designed for Mac. But the company is now designing for both platforms. The new windows version will be available at the end of this month for $40. And the winner goodies afford me a 50% off coupon.

      NaNoWriMo is a writing contest where you write a 50,000 word novel in one month (November). If you reach the word count, you get a free proof book, and other goodies. They also have a script frenzy contest, and a NaNoWriMo for young writers. The program is used by many schools, and I like the idea of helping students increase their writing skills by encouraging through this contest.

  2. Thanks for sharing this post! I figured there has to be great software available for writers but I’ve never looked into it.
    ~ Carol

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