Help Me, I’m Drowning in Labels

I read a recent post from rebekahleann, entitled Great Post from 2010 By Perry Noble – New Spring Church.  I must admit I laughed, rather sadly, as I read the list of ways that the world would NOT know we are Jesus’ disciples.  From email forwards, to bumper stickers and T-Shirts, the list discussed the different ways we express our Christianity.  (I encourage you to read the list in its entirety.)

Now, there’s nothing wrong with wearing a T-Shirt proclaiming your faith.  It can be a great conversation starter that opens the door to sharing Christ.  However, as the post pointed out, if we fail to live the messages on our bumper stickers, t-shirts, and email forwards, then we are failing to live as Christ said we should. 

Often it is the simple tasks of showing love in little ways that has the greatest impact.  A call to a church member who hasn’t been to church in awhile, a gentle smile and encouragement to the youth who doesn’t fit in, a shoulder to cry on for the woman going through a difficult divorce.

Instead, we look down our nose at the symptoms of the hurting individuals in our churches.  We judge them, categorize them, and dismiss them with a shake of our sanctified heads, saying, “I’ll pray for you.”  But no words are uttered, no hand is held out, and they are left in the same state.  They are wounded, hurting, and troubled.  But we can’t see that, because we are so busy slapping labels on them.



  1. How’s that song go, “They will know we are Christians by our love…”

  2. hey, thanks so much for your support in my comment! i mean, i just so truly agree with what my pastor perry posted ya know? and I really liked how he closed, “Jesus didn’t mix His words…we are called to live this out.” because we are. rebekah, greenville sc for newspring church

  3. I love having everything labeled!

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