The Christmas Light Scavenger Hunt – 2010

Last year our family created a Christmas light scavenger hunt for the youth group.  We had so much fun driving around the neighborhood, looking for the most bizarre decorations, that we decided to do it again this year for our friends and family.  So the challenge is on.  Take pictures and post them, leave comments or your own challenge for us.  But most of all, have fun!

We bundled up the kids and hopped in the van,
Driving through the town with our crazy plan.
Christmas decorations are what we must find.
But this year, we don’t want to leave you behind.
Search for the items listed below
And when you find them all, shout Ho, Ho, Ho
Search high and low, (but not down an alley)
Each one you find adds a point to your tally
Start with a simple one to spot.
Find eight little reindeer on someone’s lot.
Six wreaths on one house is what you seek
And Santa popping out of something for a peek
Those inflatable decorations are everywhere
Find more than four together (with or without air)
Too easy, you say, well let’s make the clues hard,
Find the reason for the season in someone’s yard
But not just Him, His parents too.
And the scene must have some wise guys too
Your next task is to look for a house,
With a festive, well-known television mouse.
Next Santa on something other than his old ride.
And find another with him and his bride.
I love elves, or should I call them little men?
Find me a house that has five to make me grin.
Enough with the political correctness, let’s be off with a hop,
Find a house with Santa standing on top.
Geographically, decorations can be diverse
Take ‘em or leave ‘em, for better or worse.
Here we found a sleigh pulled by a buffalo herd
In the desert, a decorated cactus, cacti…whatever the word
What I thought was another Christmas tree
Turned out to be a Christmas Teepee
Let’s not get off track, or go too far
Just find me a tree topped with something other than an angel or a star
Or a house overloaded with lights, too bright too see
And an angel blowing her trumpet for you (or me).
Each item above is worth one point for you
But here is a challenge from each one in our crew
Ken isn’t far from his Cowboys’ gear
So to earn five points from him this year
Find an elf or the jolly old man
Dressed up like an avid sports fan
A reindeer, a dog, even a penguin too
I say those are too easy for you
Find me a cow, dressed up like St. Nick
To get on the extra 5 point kick
Michaella said, “Find for me, I dare,
Santa in some sleepy time wear.”
Santa in PJ’s! Now there’s a chore!
Find this and you can add five points to your score.
Kendrick, cried from the back with a screech,
“Santa getting ready to hit the beach!”
Santa in a bathing suit will get you five points top.
(But, Yikes, Santa doing a belly flop?)
McKenzie said, let’s find Christmas in general,
But we’ve modified that to a Christmas General
Or any soldier dressed in festive gear
This item will be worth five points this year.
What challenge would be complete, after our children so pretty,
If we failed to mention our fat, but adorable kitty
Oscar meowed his challenge, as he began to snore,
“Find me a cat dressed in festive garb galore.”
We will stop there before you run out of gas,
But here are some rules before your points can pass.
Items must be from different places,
This level of difficulty will make you hunting aces
If you didn’t find everything, please don’t pout
Sharing and laughter is what this is all about
I hoped you enjoyed our festive rhyme.
Our blessings go with you; have a great time!

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