Pumpkins, Doughnuts and Love

The kids are off to school, McKenzie is frolicking in the living room (singing and dancing on her toes).  I log onto my blog to do a little writing.  I have yet to eat breakfast, but this is not abnormal.  I don’t usually eat breakfast.  But this morning I am a little hungry. 

For those of you not on Word Press, when you log on you are taken to Freshly Pressed.  A collection of Word Press’ idea of great blogs.  You get a brief snapshot of the blog post, along with an actual snapshot. 

I could almost hear the fanfare in the background as my eyes stumbled across…no they were drawn to a picture of two of my favorite things.  Doughnuts and pumpkin.  Oh my, how blissful that these are together.  Sprinkled with a little powdered sugar, these delightful delicacies made my mouth water. 

McKenzie (who is now doing Karate, fighting as Vanille from Final Fantasy, complete with drumsticks…no, wait…she has moved on to the Rock Band guitar and is singing “Rocking Up”) will have to stop all her performing.  We are off to the store, pumpkin beignets are calling me. 

Check out Tickled Red’s blog post here.  It will definitely be worth the click!



  1. Go buy, eat as much as you like, you only live once, make the most of it.

    enjoy, I hope they were worth it…. 🙂

    Have a lovely day.


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