It’s Time To Set Sail

We have new neighbors.  I looked out the window the other day to see the movers hauling their furniture in.  Neatly packed boxes lined their driveway, filled with bits and pieces of their lives ready to be rearranged in their new setting.  Two bikes and a basketball hoop lay haphazardly in the front lawn, but soon they would find their place.  The “mess” that was strewn across their yard would soon be organized and placed just so. 

Excitement bubbled within me.   One part of military life that I enjoy is getting to move every few years.  Maybe I’m part gypsy, but there is something wonderful about packing up and sailing to a new destination.  On the horizon lies new friends, new restaurants, new shops, new culture, and most importantly, new adventures.  With each new adventure there is a prospect for new wisdom or new growth as an individual, and as a family.  Yes, there is some sadness in leaving the friends we made here behind.  But I pray that we have blessed them as much as they have blessed us.   

In a couple of months, I will begin preparing for us to set sail.  I will separate what we will keep, and what we will leave behind in our accumulated years together.  Treasured pieces will be carefully wrapped and carried on to our new place.  Parts of our lives that are no longer needed, adding needlessly to our allotted household weight, will be discarded, freeing up space for the new.  Plans will be made, courses will be charted, and we will set sail, being vigilant to spot new opportunities for adventure.



  1. I think you are a very brave young lady, moving is not for me, I can count the times I have moved in my life as an adult, (almost 32 years) on my one hand. I hate moving. If all depended on me, my next move will be to my grave. I have no wish to move to another house. I said to my wife I will only move if someone offers me a ridiculously high price for our house, and then I dont want to have anything to do with packing, I want to be able to just pic up the phone and get a company to come move my stuff.

    Thanks for sharing, I think you are more than likely the first person I have come across that likes moving. 🙂

    Have a stunning weekend.


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