Creamed corn…without cream

Last week, a friend began to tell me of a recipe to make creamed corn, without cream. 

I made an offhanded comment to her husband that he would probably make a lesson out of that.  He is known for starting with an eyebrow arching title.  But somewhere between your initial assumption that he is absolutely crazy, and the Biblical lesson that ensues, you find yourself shaking your head in agreement. 

“Is that a challenge?” was his response.

So the gauntlet has been thrown down.  I have invited him to be a guest blogger and share with you his ideas on creamed corn without the cream.  And below you will find my attempt to draw a spiritual analogy…

When my friend first brought up the idea of making creamed corn without cream, my reply was, “Wouldn’t that just be corn?” But then she went on to tell me how the cream is substituted by using the milk from within the cob itself. 

Creamed corn is fattening…it might taste good to some (not a big fan of it myself) but the cream will leave you thick in the waist if you consume it too often.  By using the milk that comes from the cob itself, you get the taste of the cream without all the nasty side effects to your figure.

We don’t actively seek out sin just for the sake of sinning (well, most of us don’t).  If not guided by the Holy Spirit, emotions tend to fuel our actions.  We want the thick, creamy taste of whatever it is we are seeking, be it love, acceptance, etc.  But if we are seeking that fulfillment to our emotions with anything outside of God’s law, before long we find ourselves choking on the thickness of the cream of sin. 

If I am seeking to be loved, and I seek that fulfillment in adultery, I am delving into the cream.  I just want to feel accepted, a part of the group, but that need leads me down some dark paths to find that “acceptance”. 

Let me just grab a napkin as I dab at the cream on my chin…

God’s love, His acceptance, everything He has to offer us is the milk.  And He is the cob; the source of all that is healthy, good, and sweet. 

So we can choose what we think will be the tastier, more satisfying choice that will leave us struggling to button our jeans.  Or we can go to the source, draw from the sweet milk He can only offer, and be fully satisfied.



  1. We love corn on the cob, but only with a little spice and butter over it, really yummy.
    Enjoy your weekend.

  2. Lacey Johnson says:

    This is a great blog. I love how you use rj and me alot (:

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