Michelangelo & Michelle

Photo by Enrico Nunziati (Stock.XCHNG)

Okay, the title is a bit contrived.  But it was inspired by the movie Julia & Julie, which I watched last night.  Besides being an adorable movie, which also inspired fond memories of watching Julia Child with my dad, it had a potent message for me. 

Just as Julie from the movie, I began my blog with a purpose.  Regular and disciplined writing, along with getting my work out there, was the principle reason to blog.  But discipline and I have a history, and not a pretty one.  We have battled it out many of times, from childhood into adulthood.  And, unfortunately, I have often come out the winner.  This ultimately means I am the loser…or a loser, however you want to look at it. 

Just as Julie from the movie, I am a writer.  In one scene, her husband reminds her she is a writer, which provokes her rebuttal that to be a writer you must be published.  I have always disagreed with those who say this.  Michelangelo was an artist whether he was recognized or not.  I am sure he couldn’t stop painting or sculpting even if he wanted to.  As a writer, I am writing constantly, even if it is not on paper (or hard drive).  I am continually designing characters, storylines, settings in my head.  I have written several blog posts while showering these past few weeks.  Being published doesn’t make me a writer, but it does make me a successful and determined writer.

This takes me back to my initial intention for writing this blog.  It is about being disciplined, determined and single-minded about achieving my goal.  I was about to type dream, but calling being a successful writer a dream makes it sound far off and out of reach.  Which it isn’t, if I can just lay down those self-doubting gloves, which always seem to take cheap shots during my battles with discipline. 

The first time someone stumbled across my blog, read my words, and laughed, were inspired or cried (because they were moved, not because of the caliber of my writing), I have achieved one of my goals.  The relationship between reader and writer is what I’m after.  I may never write a story as beautiful or as well known as Michelangelo’s works.  But that one person that I can touch with my writing makes me successful.  So if you are out there in the bloggy world reading this, and you are that one person I have touched, hat’s off to you for my success.



  1. I cannot agree with you more, so true, thanks for sharing.

    Hope your week starts off well.

  2. Hi M, Thanks for your lovely comment, I read your compliment to my wife, I guess she cannot believe all the compliments she is getting.

    Anyway, your hair in your pic looks great to me, you shouldnt be so hard on yourself.

    Thanks again and hope your week goes well.


    • Michelle Brown says:

      Hey Colin, thanks for the compliment…but that is a Glamour Shots pic my husband and I did when we were first married. I think they used an entire can of hairspray on me that day.

      Your wife should not be surprised; she is a stunning woman. I like that she is surprised, though. Humility adds to her beauty.

      Thanks for faithfully visiting/commenting on my blog. Have a great week!

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