Going to the Chapel…

Last weekend I attended a friend’s wedding.  My husband couldn’t make it, and I regaled him with all the details that evening over the phone.  At one point in the conversation, we both paused, remembering our own wedding.  We were supposed to get married in December when all our family could attend.  It was going to be a nice little church wedding, with family present, and all the familiar trappings. 

But for us to get concurrent travel to Germany, we needed to step things up.  So within two weeks we had a little wedding planned.  I bought a dress, my sister and her husband were our attendants (Chris also stood in for my dad, and walked me down the aisle).  We had a small reception (at a bar), with a cake (made by a friend), the bouquet was tossed (to only one girl), we danced our first dance (DJ was also Karaoke guy), and even dashed into Wal-Mart to get our photo taken.  Yes, in our full wedding attire.

Now don’t get me wrong, this sounds corny (and it probably is), but I have very fond memories of that day.  We laughed throughout that day, and we’ve been laughing throughout our marriage.  It was offbeat, crazy, and a little unorthodox, but so are we.  What better way to start our life together!  If I could go back and change things, I don’t think I would…they are my precious memories.  That day was the official day we got married, but the real wedding took place weeks before.  We sat for hours and spoke about our dreams, and our love, plans for a future, plans for children.  We promised things to each other that day, that I’ll never forget.

We have decided to renew our vows this year.  Though there won’t be any karaoke this time, we’ll be blessed with family and friends to share in our event.  We will have a real cake and a real photographer…but nothing could be as real as the love we have shared over the past eleven and a half years.  And the vows we speak, this time in front of our family and friends, won’t be any more real than the ones we shared with each other weeks before we sashayed down the courthouse aisle back in 1998.



  1. so fabulous to hear of happy people, thanks for sharing Michelle.

    Hope your weekend is filled with even more laughter.

    • Michelle Brown says:

      Thanks, he comes home today. This weekend will most assuredly be filled with laughter and happiness!

      Have a great weekend, Colin.

  2. How absolutely sweet! I have always thought that the best weddings are the “imperfect” ones…the ones that aren’t exactly traditional. Traditional, “perfect” weddings are a dime a dozen, but yours, I am sure, was unforgettable!

    • Michelle Brown says:

      It was definitely imperfect. We both looked at each other and smiled when the judge said, “Things up until now have probably been smooth.” Little did he know! But this time we are going to be married in a church, something we weren’t able to do but that meant a lot to us.

  3. Lacey Johnson says:

    hey u were @ my wedding! lol
    that is great idea (: dnt forget about me & rj! (: i wanna be a brides maid lol jk jk jk

  4. Lacey Johnson says:

    i like ur blog (:

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