Wonderbots for the Energetically Challenged

Photo by Bruno De Lorenzo (stock.xchng)

The Plinky Prompt for today was, “If you had unlimited resources, what would you create”  I know my answer should be something meaningful and worthwhile to society. Something to cure cancer, solve the world hunger problem, at least a device to cap and clean up the oil spill…but I’m not feeling all that altruistic. Since I’m energetically challenged (which is the politically correct way of calling someone lazy), I’d create a Rosie-from-the-Jetson’s style of robot. It would be affordable, rechargeable and extremely efficient at what it does. In one fail swoop it would clear, clean and put away the dishes. Dusting, vacuuming and straightening up, all the while humming, in perfect pitch, my favorite tunes. My laundry basket would never runneth over, and the clothes would be neatly folded like the displays in the store. She would even change her own vacuum filters, and empty out her own dirt cup…because if you are going to be lazy (uh…I mean energetically challenged) you might as well do absolutely nothing.

Personally, I would tell everyone about my little wonderbot. But if you are one of those women who want to pretend that you are supermom, she would be collapsible so you could neatly tuck her away. Bachelor’s looking to create that mirage of cleanliness when the ladies come over, could purchase her.  She’d be so amazing, maybe she could even do something for the oil spill (see, I can be selfless).


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