Can You Hear What I Hear?

It seems like ages since I’ve sat down to write something for my blog.  Life has been hectic around here.  I’ve been transcribing interviews for my sister’s dissertation.  It’s been quite interesting, I’ve learned a lot about the Early Childhood field.  I’ve also gained some insight into behavior.  I was thinking, as I waded through the ums and the you knows, that we don’t pay attention to how we speak.  When we are writing (well, at least most of us) we pay more attention to our words.  Gonna and Gotta are the verbs of choice, and a is the preferred article, even when an is the proper choice.  My grammar checker went haywire, and finally just declared, “Are you serious?  You are going to click Ignore again?”

But more interesting is the attitude of the speakers.  Are you aware of just how much your voice conveys?  Without the benefit of any visual clues, I can still hear the speaker’s personality…well, to some extent.  Confidence, timidity, anxiety, and arrogance trickle from the waterfall of your words, conveying the hidden truth.  How often do you take a general question and turn it around so you can talk about yourself?  Are you aware of how smug or condescending some of your comments sound?  Despite the outward appearance of confidence you work so hard to convey, are you aware how much the timidity of your voice belies that assurance?

If we all had to transcribe one of our conversations, what would we learn?  I shudder at the thought of having my dialogue recorded…I’m sure I wouldn’t want to hear the truth it reveals.



  1. Very interesting thoughts, neither do I want to hear mine.
    Makes one think, maybe time to consider….

    Hope your week has be great.

  2. No, don’t want my dialogue recorded! It’s an interesting thought, and I’m curious to hear what others have to say…

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