It’s Time to Get Plinky!

Photo by Sarah Cates (stock.xchng)

I’m calling on everyone to come and get Plinky with me.  No, that’s not a typo, nor am I going X-Rated.  Word Press announced a new website,, which provides writing prompts.  (If you’d like more info, click here for the original blog post, or here for the website.)  Plinky allows you to post your answers to the writing prompts and share them with the Plinky community. 

It reminds me of my creative writing class last year.  The professor would give us various exercises, and we needed to post them in the discussion thread.  By then end of the class, the majority of the students were sad to see it end.  Creatively, we grew and learned from each other.  But most importantly, it allowed us to take our writing and give it life. 

Writing without a reader is lifeless.   As a writer, I design a beautiful story, planning every element just so. The reader gives birth to the story when they peel back the cover and delve into my clever sculpting of carefully chosen words and punctuation.    It is the reader who takes the words, so flat and two-dimensional on the page, and draws them into their imagination.  

Plinky allows the reader and the writer to meet and begin an adventure together.  So whether you are a reader or a writer, come get Plinky with me.  We can have a fanciful and fantastic time together!


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