Overhaulin’ Mom

My writing prompt for today was, if your life was a TV show what would it be?  Samantha Who? was the first thing to pop into my head.  The bad girl she was keeps emerging and the good girl she wants to be struggles to deal with this.  I can relate to this as sometimes my “bad girl” rears her ugly head. 

But right now, I’d have to say I’d be a cross between What Not to Wear and Pimp my Ride.  When I was younger, I always had my hair done, make-up on, and the clothes…well, I always needed help in that area.  But somewhere after the birth of my daughter, I fell into the mommy trap.  Where the puke stain on your shoulder is a badge of motherhood that you wear proudly, comfort overrides fashion, and simplicity obliterates sexy.  The curling iron was tucked away for special occasions, and my accessories became scrunchies and hair clips. 

Graphic by Yoshi Aka (stock.xchng)

When my husband was deployed in Iraq, I would anticipate the “Yahoo” song coming from my computer, letting me know he was online.  Every day the butterflies would tickly my tummy.  And I’d do my hair and make-up, just as if I was getting ready for a date.  But isn’t that how it should be every day?

I read a post recently, by Colin Immelman, where he pointed out that mom’s can and should be sexy.  We should put aside time to take care of ourselves, “make your partner take a second look at you, or make your partner fall in love with you over and over again.”

For about a year, this idea has been swimming in my mind as a possible book.  As moms, we are wired to put everyone’s needs before our own.  We often give until we have very little left.  The small things we did for our special someone when we were dating, get put on the back-burner.  Maybe it isn’t so much clothes, or make-up that makes your spouse smile that smile, but it’s taking time to put on his favorite perfume.  

The sad thing is, many marriages begin to crumble when small stones like these are removed.  A little pebble here and a little rock there, and before you know it, the boulders in your marriage aren’t secure…When it all comes crashing down, we rarely recognize where it all began. The effort we put to taking care of our family should also be put into taking care of our marriage, which includes ourselves. As for me, well I try to do what I can.  Make-up is easy, I have always been okay in that area.  Hair, well, I try to do my hair…but I have so little to work with – literally.  I’ve attempted to rework my wardrobe, but poor fashion sense must be in my jeans (sorry, I couldn’t resist).  So right now I’d have to say my TV show would have to be a new one…maybe called Overhaulin’ Mom. Is it a hit?  Well, you’ll just have to ask my husband.



  1. Kenya Brown says:

    This posting does make a person think. I would have to same mine would be “Rock”. THis was an old comedy about a black trahsman who’s goal is to make better for his family. He kept his dreams close no matter how far they seemed.

    • Michelle Brown says:

      I don’t think I have ever watched that show…I know of it, but I don’t think I ever watched it. I just remember him from Surviving the Game.

  2. Hello Michelle, how sweet of you to refer to my post, I really and truly appreciate your kind gesture. Thank you very much, and I am happy to know that it made an honest impression on at least one person out there.

    I am 100% sure your hubby will appreciate your effort, no matter what you do, he will, no doubt in my mind, notice and compliment you.

    Thanks again and have a lovely day.

    • Michelle Brown says:

      You are welcome. And I am sure you have made an impression on many people. You have a great blog.

      Have a great week.

  3. I can’t even think of what show mine would be. Is that sad? I like your though and it would be ah hit 😉 BTW, thanks for stopping by on my SITS day and making me feel special!

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