My Life According to my iPod

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I was looking over my writing prompts from the past year, and I ran across an entry that I posted on Facebook.  The prompt was to simply take the song titles from your music library and construct a bio from them. So here is my life according to my iPod…

Five hours following Four in the Morning  I was born on Planet Earth. According to my mom, since I was Five Days Old I was Hard to Handle. Sure I had my fair share of Good Times, Bad Times, and sometimes I could be described as a Wild Flower, but I was hardly Notorious. I was never Brave and Crazy, nor was I a Desperado. I merely lived my life Somewhere in the Middle.   But maybe I needed to Live Like We’re Dyin.

Sometime in my 20’s I found my life had Come Undone. If I had looked through a Crystal Ball I could have seen that the Angel who I gave All My Love to was really a Lil’ Devil.  You know what they say, Some Fool’s Never Learn and I stuck around a little too long, but that’s Nobody’s Fault But Mine. After three years of his abuse, I found myself Good and Broken and so Dazed and Confused that I finally said, I Can’t Do This anymore. I asked my Sweet Soul Sister, to Be My Escape. She took me in, No Questions Asked so I said Goodbye and moved East to West (well, from Texas to Arizona). Living with her and her family was Healing Rain for my battered soul and I had Hope Now.

It was in Arizona that God sent me my Forever Love. When I met Ken, My Paper Heart was so fragile in its damaged state.  I tried my best to Never Surrender, but I couldn’t help but falling  Hand over Feet. The Truth is, my heart was saying This is Home. Eleven years later, our love is still Unbreakable, and sometimes Unpredictable.  He still makes me feel like Cinderella and he is All I Really Want.

We have three, Beautiful, Beautiful children. Michaella, that Sweet Child O’ Mine has such a Beautiful Soul. Kendrick is Amazing and he’s always Keeping me Guessing. McKenzie is a Fast-Moving Train but I love Every Little Kiss that she gives me.

Early in our marriage, Between the Altar and the Door, I had a RevelationAll Because of Jesus, I received Amazing Grace Now I’m a Sister Christian!  With God in Me, I have a Peaceful Easy Feeling and He Has Made Me Glad.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m Not Perfect but I’m Not Who I Was

So Friends, the challenge is on you.  It is your turn to tell us all About You, about the Diverse City you live in, the Doodlebugs you love, and it’s time to dispel the Rumors in the Air.  Fill the Space In Between Us with information about you, using the song titles in your music library.  Does The Song Remain the Same?  Is your life a Song of Hope or The Song of the Cebu?



  1. Ken Brown says:

    Very intelligent and resourceful. Great example of thinking outside the box.

  2. Lisa Sturges says:

    That is SOOOOOOO amazing!! I am not sure that I could pull it together into the story of my life like that-very creative. But now you’ve “got me thinkin'” to quote TobyMac and maybe instead of having to think that hard–I can just say that my life is still “Unwritten!!”

    • Michelle Brown says:

      Careful, it’s addicting. I was trying to find a way to work in “Don’t Bite Your Friends” from the Yo Gabba Gabba crew, but it doesn’t flow. You should try it.

  3. Your life is like a fairy tale with a “live happily ever after” ending. Well, I am happy for you.
    I have in my life seen many women like you, who never got out of the life of abuse until too late.

    My life is almost 50 years old and too many turns to tell, but after paying my school fees, I know I am in the final straight, and I see the light, not at the end, but all around me.

    Thanks for sharing with us, and have a super day.\


    • Michelle Brown says:

      I laughed when you said my life was like a fairy tale, it was more like a horror flick. But I did find my Prince Charming. I don’t think I could have got out of the cycle of abuse if it wasn’t for my family. People don’t realize that what the abused person needs most is to be surrounded by healthy love and receive lots of encouragment. Our biggest enemy is ourselves, because the abuse whittles away at your self esteem. Every horrible thing he told me I believed. Just removing myself didn’t solve my problem. I needed to remove the disease he had placed within me. As far as happily ever after…I’m still battling that disease. I see flashes of the “old me” and it angers me and frightens me.

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