Deconstructing Kristina

My first attempt at publishing is Miracles.  Right now, I have placed it on the back burner.  My main character, Kristina, is irritating me.  Maybe that is because she is a reflection of who I am, at least in part.  Halfway through the novel, I’m irritated by her refusal to step out from behind her wall of fear and mistrust.  Then I look at my own timid ways, and see where she gets it.  She has her flashes of spunkiness, but most of the time she is a shivering, cowering woman, hiding from all life has to offer her.

Today I ran across Manuel Luz’s blog, Adventures in Faith & Art, which contained the following statement in his post, “Deconstructing ‘Christian Drama’”:

“When the Christian artist strives toward great art, his or her Christian worldview will inescapably shine from it.  Because art should reflect the artist in some way—what he believes, what he has experienced, what he has placed his faith in, how he uniquely sees the world.  In other words, the Christian artist should not strive to create “Christian art,” but rather, strive toward honest art.  And in that honesty, their art will somehow reflect the creativity of the Abba Father, the Lordship of Jesus Christ, and the inspiration of the Holy Spirit.”

In the Inspirational Romance genre, you often have the stereotypical characters, the formulaic love story, and the clichéd ending.  You frequently have the preachy writer, where the story line falls second to the message.  Then there is the pseudo-Christian writer, whose message is shoved awkwardly in the story, often as an afterthought. 

But then there is the writer who sculpts this wonderful story, with characters that are unique but realistic.  The message flows from these characters without sounding preachy or clumsy.  That is because the characters are an extension of the writer. 

The post got me thinking of irritating Kristina again.  She isn’t your typical fiery, spunky heroine.  However, this foreign idea of having a relationship with God causes her to peek over the edge of the wall, her eyes full of fright and wonder.  It is He woos her from behind the wall, from who she was, into who He wants her to be.

Is she marketable?  Maybe not.  However, she is honest, she is real, and she is an extension of me.  Miracles may forever remain a file on my computer.  But because God has wooed me from behind my own wall, I will never remain Kristina.


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