Avoiding Poor Choices – The Biggest Loser Part II

Do any of these sound familiar?  When time’s running short, and the kids need dinner, we pull up to the drive through.  We are tired, the day was stressful, and we just order pizza.  We were going to order the healthy salad at the restaurant, but then your friend orders the juicy hamburger…

How about these?  We are rushed to make that deadline, though it might not be the most honest approach, we choose the shortcut.  We are tired, the day was stressful, and we know we should take time out to help someone, but instead we make excuses.  You were going to be strong and avoid that temptation that always plagues you, but your friends were doing it, and…well, it looked like fun! 

Often, when we are on a physical diet we make our food choices based off the following circumstances:

  • What is most convenient
  • What we have easy access to
  • Based on emotions
  • False notions such as eating a large chef salad with eggs, ham, cheese, etc is low in calories because it is a salad
  • We are susceptible to suggestions – TV commercials, what friends are eating, etc

Spiritually, we can make poor choices based off similar circumstances.  It is often more convenient to make a poor choice, than it is to dig down and do the right thing.  However, just like making poor food choices, these decisions have long-term consequences.  Hitting the drive-through when time is short will lead to excess fat and calorie intake, which will lead to heart disease, high cholesterol…you get the point.   As we move toward our goal of getting spiritually healthy, we need to recognize these areas as possible pitfalls in our journey.  Convenience does not always mean acceptable, and feeling “good” about something doesn’t always mean it is a wise decision.


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