Fall Leaves

Today has finally dawned full of sunshine. For the past few weeks we have been deluged with rain. It went from a drizzle to a pour, then back to a drizzle. Don’t get me wrong, I love the rain. Rainy days are a time to cuddle up under your favorite blanket in front of the window and read stories to your kids. It’s a day to play hide n’ seek in the house, make an obstacle course in the living room, and dance to our favorite music.

But today, there is no rain! And my daughter is full of energy. A good walk around the block will put that energy to work. It is a very peaceful time for me. As we walk, my daughter sings loud and off key, but it is music to my biased ears.

As we strolled down the leaf-lined streets, I was struck by the beauty of the scene. Growing up in the desert you don’t get to see fall like this. The gentle breeze stirred the leaves, and they danced across the street. A brown – a yellow – a reddish-orange acrobat sailed through the air, gliding to the ground with grace. A car whizzed past and the leaves went cavorting after it, rustling with laughter. I smiled at the fact that even though they were dead, it appeared that they had life. Even though they were no longer a part of the tree, you could still see the tree’s beauty in the multicolored leaves that carpeted the streets.

There were these other dark, chili pod looking things that just fell from the trees with a thud. The breeze didn’t lift them, they didn’t dance, they didn’t move despite their initial fall. They just died – fell – and laid there…doing nothing.
If I were to have to choose, I would be a leaf. I do not want to be a lifeless Christian, not moving, not dancing and not fully representing the nature of my Creator’s beauty. It is easy to get wrapped up in our busy lives, our endless concerns, and the thousands of details that weigh us down and make us land with a chili-pod-like thud. But when we focus our days on “What would you have me do today, Lord?” instead of “Lord, just get me through today!” we are able to dance and sail through the air, a bright, colorful and glorious representation of the majestic tree.


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