The Dark Paths of our Needs

My writing prompt for today was…What do you need? An idea has been tickling the back of my mind regarding this subject. What are the needs that drive us? The need to feel accepted, the need to feel loved, the need to be noticed/appreciated. Whatever the need is, it is our weak spot – the one that could lead us down a dark path if not fulfilled first in God.

Take for instance a woman who needs to be loved; if she first fills that need in God, she will be full and satisfied. However, if she goes to other sources, where would she find herself? In the bed of man after man? What compromises would she make to fulfill this need? How far would she go to meet this need? What dark areas would she find herself in as a result of this need? That is where I want to take the reader…on a journey that starts out innocent enough, but quickly spirals down, deeper and deeper, sucking them into the character’s darkness…until they feel like they are choking on the need that brought them here in the first place. I want to bring them to the ledge of dark desperation until they have no options left but to remain in the darkness, or jump off into the light beyond.


  1. I've been focusing on this very thing in the preliminary sketches of my latest novel. Figuring out what your characters need (and want) is the key to making the whole plot move forward.

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