Mommy’s Little Secret

In the hectic and chaotic world of mommies, resolve, respond, repair, and referee are common verbs used to describe our actions. But I was thinking about indulgences we take for ourselves; something we don’t share with our kids, our friends and even our husbands. Is it a quiet cup of coffee early in the morning, a jog around the neighborhood? How about bubble baths, a day at the spa or even a special treat that is off limits to the rest of the family? What does this do for us, this special time that isn’t shared with anyone?

Mine would be my quiet time in the morning. That warm cup of coffee, snuggled under a blanket, with the cat gently nuzzling my Bible. And it settles me for the day. It keeps me grounded, because inevitably the kids wake up and it is referee time, change the poopy diaper time, wipe the boogers time, clean the house, fix the food, listen to the complaints, listen to the joys, listen to and fix the problems…

But that half hour before I must attend to my children and husband, the small glimpse of solitude alone with my Creator, that is enough to settle me for the day, give me strength to battle the daily struggles that every Super Mommy must face.


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